Saturday, August 22, 2015

Babysitter Chaos

Video der Woche

The babysitter you don't want to be....:

Direkt to the video

The American Red Cross  also has an educational mission, namely First Aid, and this TV spot is aimed at a target group of Babysitters - people who work in a particularly risky area and who have the greatest responsibilities. Their call to action here is as follows: Take part in our first aid training! A recruiting video.

The agency BBDO (again) has chosen the perfect distribution channel, because if there is one thing babysitters in the USA do on a permanent basis, it's watching television.

This comedy speaks a language that is very well known to all teens worldwide: that of sitcom humor. This is a perfect tool: I myself laughed a lot. Incidentally, a little guessing game: The little hero with his yellow cape appears twice, have you've seen it? If not, look again.

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