Sunday, August 30, 2015

Dad? What are you doing here?

Video of the week

The British Heart Foundation has become famous for their viral video productions in the UK and far beyond. Do you remember the hilarious and funny Vinni Jones first aid video? There are more of that kind to be found on their Youtube-channel.

However despite the strong story this charity appeal has committed a fatal error in my eyes: The reason to donate is just weak!
It would have been perfect for any awareness campaign, but for fundraising...? A miss is as good as a mile.

WHY donate?

Even the best story must make it quite clear to me, what reason for my donation is and why it is needed right here and right now. Yes, the video is very strong in many aspects: Very good actors, a very good director, a very good script. But it misses this most important point.

The dramaturgical connection is far too common and has to many abstract levels:
"With your support our research can help end the devastation"
Was sort of "devastation"? Has my donation saved this father? No! Could it? It's not clear, but probably not. The story only reminds us that fate can be heartless. This father did nothing wrong. Nor do we seek to save another father. No, we donate for research. To fight a general bad situation. Two levels of abstraction. These are two levels too much in the daily fight to reach donors. There is viral potential in this video but the ROI (return of invest) might be smaller this time. Okay, we do not really know yet, the video is out for just a few days now. So lets see. But I am part of the target group, I am a father, and I am aware of my mortality, however, it does not really motivate me to donate.
What about you?

But again: The film itself is very well done and the story is condensed to the esseantial points. Kudos!

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