Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Ghosts on the School Toilet

Video of the week

No, it's not about the Moaning Myrtle from Harry Potter. It's way more frightening!
A campaign from Quebec (switch "cc" on for subtitles):

Direct link of the video
Direct link of the original in french

Some things are only possible to achieve with modern technology. Those 3D Monitors, for example, are available on the market for affordable prices since only recently. The state SAAC Quebec produced several creative campaigns for road safety, but this one tops them all.

To use these new technologies in a creative way is almost a guarantor for attention. Just because something like this hasn't been there before. You could also have hired actors like in the commercial mirror trick of a Brazillian broadcaster: The missing reflection:

But this can not be scaled up so easily. While installing several 3D-monitors is not a big problem.
Great campaign.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Awareness test

Video of the week

Welcome back in 2016. Are you awake? Yes? No? Well, ...let's do a little awareness test:

Direct to the video

What a great NonProfit Video for road safety. Outstanding for three reasons:

1. Gamification: 

Be honest: That was fun, no? And that's pretty much the same for everyone. Even for your target audience. An element of game in NonProfit videos and campaigns - I would like to see more of this (and it brings me to an idea)

2. Low budget, high impact

This video consists of one shot - cam on, cam off. The costume of the bear, honestly that was 40 $, not more. Okay, they used a good camera and did color grading - so it was a professional production. But the budget was for sure in the low bud area.

3. Surprise

Until the very end it is not clear to us what is at stake. We get a short "Oh yes" moment after realising the bear. Then we get a second surprise, the dramaturgical turn-around, when we understand the focus of the whole video: About street safety. Surprise your audience, this is the secret of interesting content.

Result: A viral success. Meanwhile, there are 21 million viewers since 2009: The statistics with continuously increasing graph clearly shows that not paid-ads but social sharing drive the distribution here.