Sunday, August 16, 2015

Live with it - The Shell Parody

Little known but outstanding parody app about a little known but outstanding oil catastrophe - well in fact, it's the biggest in history. Did you know that?

Video of the week

Do you recognize this man? Maybe you have seen him in Men in Black 3 and Sledge Hammer, it's David Rasche who agreed to act for this friends-of-the-earth video from the Netherlands.

It's a brilliant idea - parody is a nearly perfect tool to do awareness campaigns. It can be shocking, but the most shocking part in this campaign is, that literally no one seems to be aware of the real disaster: Remember the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico? It only took a few days before the whole world was outraged, huddled around their TVs watching live video of the BP leak.
The oil spill in Niger delta last for 54 years now. 54 YEARS! And in contaminated surface it's the biggest oil spill in history - polluting an area of the size of Portugal. So why aren't we aware of it? Oh yes, sorry, I forgot: It's in Africa.

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