Sunday, December 6, 2015

Greenpeace won't save the world

Video of the week Woche

So who will?

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'Video of the week' mainly because of the outstanding communication strategy:

Target group of this video are the doubters, and the video pick them up from there: Starting with their doubts. And what is more: Greenpeace agrees. True to Dale Carnegie ("How to Win Friends") this is the best method to earn credibility:
"Yes! You are right. We, Greenpeace won't save the world.
But why that? Ummmm...could it have to do with the fact that you do nothing?"
- and BÄHM, big beat on the drum of your conscience!

A great 'doorstep' video - with the decisive little push to get you over the line - and start to act.
I personally like the implicit idea that Greenpeace this time do not advertise their own organisation, but the cause, no matter if somewone will take action within or outside their own club. It is not always so clear, but the difference between a company and a non-profit organization is simply this crucial question: If we had to choose whom we would have preferred? Paid subscribers (= members) or independent activists?

Sorry, bad question...but maybe think about it.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Pope Francis as Rambo!

Video der Woche

A lesson in humor...

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This video campaign comes from the Observatório do Clima, a network of NGOs from Brazil on climate change.
This week at COP21 summit in Paris the leaders of the world negotiating about nothing less than the fate and the future of humanity - ie climate change.
Worldwide this becomes the center of attention as they plan to find a solution there...WAIT! STOP!
Don't laugh!
This isn't the punch line yet. They are serious about it.

Ok, yes for sure in the end it will be nothing than a big joke - say I. But again: A bit of respect towards such high ambitions, will you?

Or not? This videoclip with Rampo Francis couldn't care less about respect. Instead the story is focusing on humor, and this means: Crossing borders, breaking taboos - for a good cause. And the Enzyclica "Laudato Si" of Pope Francis about climate change is perfectly timed, right before the summit.

But don't let's focus on timing in campaigns. Here I wanted to add a short tutorial in humor for NonProfit Videos.

How to find a funny idea - or is it already there?

You don't need to invent fun. There are things around you that already make you laugh. Life has a lot to make fun about. Your life. What makes you laugh during your days? And what makes you so angry that you start being ironic? Even cynical? That's the stuff funny ideas are made of.

5 Steps to a funny idea

  1. When do you laugh about what? Take this as you starting point.. 
  2. Try out to break taboos and cross borders. It can be exaggeration. (Francis as action hero) It can be ironical (Save the poor poor oil-industry from the bad good-doers), Disrespect, hilarious Stereotypes, and so on...
  3. Choose your protagonists: Who does what with whom - a good choice for Comedy in NGO-Clips are always: Representatives from your target audience, Antagonists or you yourself. (like in the Francis Clip)  
  4. Develop your story: Use the rule of three / increasing tension / unexpected turnaround (Many jokes follow exactly this structur structure).
  5. Timing: Every punch line needs perfect timing: Not too long - the viewer wants to be rewarded for his time he or she invests. But not to short either, as you need a certain time to build tension and expectation. As always: Short is beautiful, but too short is ...just too short ;-)
Last thing: Humor is an individual plant. No Video, no joke can please everyone. It's just not possible. So I recommend a test cycle with your main target audience. In my eyes it's mandatory.  

Learn from the masters!

In cinema there are three unmatched masters of comedy: Chaplin, Lloyd ...and Buster Keaton (my personal favorite). Here comes a timeless lesson in humor: 

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