Thursday, March 3, 2016

Lions love jeans for breakfast

Video of the week

A charity auction in favor of a good's an old hat, right? Not, if you do it like this:

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Zoos are creative if it's about fundraising - this we know since the Zoo's campaign in New York "MSack employees for a good cause".
This ZOO JEANS campaign of the Kamine Zoo in Hitachi, Japan from 2014 also stands in good tradition.

Flea market, baking pies, sponsored run - the list goes on and on if it's about fundraising combined with work effort. However, the campaign also had an enormous impact on public, which exceeds the pure - rather modest - amount of the fundraising many times over the actual value. And THAT is what I think is a success.

It's an approach of 360°, a whole thinking process: to bring fundraising AND marketing AND awareness together in just one auction. It was successful by the creative idea itself, they could also have sold simple tiger post cards..but, well, why must I suddenly yawn?
The here auctioned gadgets have besides the good cause also a certain coolness. This coolness made it very quickly to the print media and multiplying websites and blogs, from Japan to you, my friends, far far away.

And this is what gets off the campaign. I think that it's very inspiring.

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