Monday, February 22, 2016

Knick-knacks only good for Facebook

Video of the week

Today it's not just a video, but especially an idea:

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Many non-profit and charity organisations have one problem, or to be more precise:
They have Facebook!
And thereby the difficult question comes up: WHAT SHOULD WE POST over a period of seven days?

And so it happens that many NGO's just write about themselves. And are wondering then about the small range. Guys, do you read a blog which only consists of selfies?

Facebook consists to 99% of third party content! What appears important, will be shared. And then you talk about it with people, which are important to you. This is how Facebook works. It's the same thing in real life. - And NGO's / non-profits can do it exactly like that - just try it out. The NGO's I know and which are doing this, too, achieve way more click rates and get much more attention. There is enough content, every day we are being flooded by a whole bunch - even more, than the stuff which ends up in boxes up in the attic - and mostly they are way more interesting, since it went through many filters already - else it wouldn't get to us. Pick something. Facebook is not your press newsletter.

By the way, the dutch video producer Dave Hakkens offered EXPLICITLY for his Story-Hopper Productionen to be shared. I read that there are great clips, maybe also for your NGO.

You're welcome.  
And I personally will pin his picture to the wall now: 

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