Sunday, December 6, 2015

Greenpeace won't save the world

Video of the week Woche

So who will?

Link to the video

'Video of the week' mainly because of the outstanding communication strategy:

Target group of this video are the doubters, and the video pick them up from there: Starting with their doubts. And what is more: Greenpeace agrees. True to Dale Carnegie ("How to Win Friends") this is the best method to earn credibility:
"Yes! You are right. We, Greenpeace won't save the world.
But why that? Ummmm...could it have to do with the fact that you do nothing?"
- and BÄHM, big beat on the drum of your conscience!

A great 'doorstep' video - with the decisive little push to get you over the line - and start to act.
I personally like the implicit idea that Greenpeace this time do not advertise their own organisation, but the cause, no matter if somewone will take action within or outside their own club. It is not always so clear, but the difference between a company and a non-profit organization is simply this crucial question: If we had to choose whom we would have preferred? Paid subscribers (= members) or independent activists?

Sorry, bad question...but maybe think about it.

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